Top 5 Reasons to Buy Wholesale Flowers Online

Imagine a customer walking into your shop and coming out with an armful of flowers and a big smile. You are likely to see that customer again, and this time she brought a friend with her. If they see your shop always bursting with colors and choices, expect to see them again, and maybe with another friend brought along.

Keeping enough inventory on hand is important if you want to be responsive to your customers’ needs. Buying flowers in bulk lets you do just that, so your customers have plenty of fresh choices regularly.

Wholesale fresh flowers suppliers have efficient pre‐order systems that make it easy for you to put in your request and get them through overnight delivery. If you make the most out of working with wholesalers, you will realize that you benefit not just from lower prices but from other equally important factors too.

Lower price

If you buy wholesale flowers online, you are in a good position to negotiate for attractive prices so you can offer a wider selection of flowers at competitive rates. Price is still an important factor that affects customer demand, so if you can find a way to pass along your savings to your customers without compromising your quality and standards, you will be the first of the shops they walk into the next time they need flowers for mom.

Great selection

Sometimes, it’s not just about price. It’s also about the selection that you offer your customers: The more they have to choose from, the more it is exciting for them. Wholesalers carry hundreds, if not thousands, of varieties. Imagine the possibilities of what you can do with such a huge catalogue of colors and textures.

If you buy flowers for florists wholesale, you enjoy the kind of variety not usually offered in local flower markets. Especially if you need flowers that are not in season, working with a wholesaler puts you in a unique position to supply rare or exotic flowers that would delight your customers. In short, you pass along to your customers the variety of choices you enjoy from your wholesaler.

Sufficient quantity to meet special occasions

You can maximize your profit when you are able to secure big orders before special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Bulk flower suppliers are also able to meet huge demands for those wondering where to buy wholesale flowers for wedding. They have pre‐order systems in place, often online, so you can put huge orders beforehand to fill anticipated increases in demand. If you have an established working relationship with wholesale flower suppliers, you may even be the first in line to re‐order so you can restock your bestsellers.

Fast delivery

Flowers are perishable items, so the faster they get to you from the wholesaler, the fresher your customer gets their orders and the happier they become. When you have built a reputation for offering only the freshest bouquets, customers can smell that and go straight to your shop for their needs.

Wholesale fresh flowers suppliers leverage their massive inventory to fulfill orders from florists and retailers using the fastest delivery method available. This means that the flowers get to you as fresh as the wholesalers possibly can.

Market Information

The wholesaler can be a source of information regarding market trends because of its advantageous position in the supply chain. They typically partner with growers from around the globe so they have a pulse on both the global supply and local demand sides of the industry. This is important if you are planning to transfer or branch out in a different location. A wholesaler who regularly gets large orders from a certain area means that there is a thriving flower business there.

You also do your part to the environment when you buy wholesale. Fewer trips to fulfill large orders nationwide mean lower fuel consumption. With so many florists in the United States alone, buying wholesale flowers can significantly reduce everyone’s carbon footprint, another reason to smile about.