As the Weather Cools Down Wholesale Flowers are Heating Up

There is so much to love about flower trends this fall!

Fall is all about harvesting crops, carving pumpkins, and watching vibrant crisp leaves float to the ground. With the changing of the seasons, comes a new color palette to play with. Gone are the bright pastels we see in arrangements during the spring and summer months. Nothing says autumn better than bright, vibrant pops of color against the background of nature fading into the darkness of winter. All of this makes autumn an especially fun season to buy wholesale flowers for your flower shop.

Checkout the following hot flower tends for the fall season:

The Victorian Look.

When it comes to fall weddings, one of the hottest trends this season taps into a Victorian color palette. Flowers are the perfect way to set a super romantic mood. This look focuses on opulence and having an abundance of fresh seasonal flowers. This means brides will be looking for dark jewel tones like burgundies, jades, and plums paired with dusty pastels. The Victorian look reminds us of the changing mood of the season from jubilant to quiet. The dark and moody colors softened by the pastels set the perfect seasonal scene.

Get this look: Brides will be on the hunt for lavender roses, dusty-colored sprays, and dark moody callas. For more great advice about buying wholesale flowers with fall brides in mind, see our recent blog post: Why We Love Wedding Flowers (and You Should Too).

The Wild Natural Look.

Whether designing arrangements for a large formal event or a small casual affair, the wild natural look is in. Bouquets that appear freshly picked and reminiscent of wild flowers are at the top of flower trends this season. Floral designs influenced by fields of cotton and corn appear both indoors and out. For indoor events think grapevines and fiddlehead ferns overflowing their containers. For table-runners and center-pieces at outdoor fall events, think succulentsleucadendron, and other branches to add depth. And don’t forget the foliage. The greens break up bouquets and really make the flower accents pop.

Get this look: The woody stems and delicate petals on hydrangeas are a must when it comes to a natural, earthly look. And as an added bonus, hydrangeas have a long vase life, so they will last for days. Gerbers are another element of the wild, just-picked look. They come in an array of fall goldens, rich oranges, and bold reds too. Wild can be beautiful this fall!


The Textured Look.

Often customers will come into your shop looking for particular colors or varieties, but they seldom consider textures. If you can demonstrate your design expertise by recommending the addition of some amazing textures inspired by nature, you can sit back and watch the referrals roll in. There are lots of ways to create texture with flowers. Pair gorgeous blooms with shiny greenery, berries, leaves, or even tree branches for a display that gives your customers plenty of creative inspiration.

Get this lookPin cushions, with their earthy colors and unusual shape, add a pop of texture and color to any bunch of blooms. Ilex can also lend that additional bit of texture and the length of the stems are great for creating varying height in fall arrangements. The sky’s the limit with textures, but make sure not to overwhelm customers with too many clashing textures. Remember a little goes a long way.


Autumn Elegance.

Encourage your customers to show their love and make any event more elegant by adding a stunning bouquet. Sleek and stylish roses are always in high demand when shoppers are looking for elegance. Many Dutch varieties come alive in the fall too. September is hyacinthus, freesia, and iris season. October is time for callas, liatris, and roses. Think lush, dark, rich colors. And remember that while clear vases are in demand during the summer months, the fall is all about dark, opaque vessels that lend a flare of opulence to any event. It doesn’t hurt to consider accessories, so you can offer full-service to your customers.

Get this look: Your customers will be surprised at the variety of tulips available this time of year to lend a feeling of elegance to any bundle of blooms. Most people have a standard image of a Dutch tulip in mind, but there are also frill varieties, crown-like French varieties, and even brilliant Parrot Rococo varieties. These tulips are bound to enchant anyone looking to create an elegant autumn bouquet.



As summer comes to an end, it can be harder to stock some varieties of wholesale flowers in some areas across the US. You don’t want to risk disappointing your customers. Fortunately, as an FMI Farms’ preferred customer, you don’t have to. With FMI, you can rest assured that you can buy any variety of wholesale flowers from growers around the world and you can order them 24/7 with our convenient webshop. Don’t let the change in season slowdown your business. Keep things moving forward by calling FMI Farms today at 1-866-916-5360.

Fall is one of our favorite times to buy wholesale flowers at FMI. With the right blend of colors, textures, and imagination, your shop will look stunning. There’s nothing more irresistible than a gorgeous display of fall favorites. We hope these trends give you lots of fresh ideas for stocking your shelves and coolers.

Talk to the experts at FMI Farms today and we’ll help you get your shop fall floral trend ready!

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