Fmi Farms Grading Ecuadorian Rose Farms

Roses are graded in many different ways. They are grown with certain specifications for different flower markets.  The length of a rose is determined by how long it was able to produce on the bush before the head began its blooming process.  The size of the bloom is known as its aperture, and the aperture is measured while the rose is still on the bush.  Most growers will measure the diameter from the second to last petal inwards.  It is measured in centimeters, and every grower will have different cutting stages that are based on the intended overall size of the bloom.  Some varieties perform differently, and the growers will take that into consideration.  The longer they allow the rose to grow on the bush before harvesting it, the bigger everything grows especially the head.  The aperture, and or cutting stage, determine the overall quality and size of a rose.

These are the three cutting stages known by all of the Ecuadorian Rose farms.

Open cut rose: 3.0-4.0cm cutting stage
Medium cut rose: 2.0-3.0cm cutting stage
Closed cut rose: 1.0-2.0cm cutting stage
Our ultimate goal is to supply the American floral retailer the highest quality flower at the most competitive price.  As we all know Ecuadorean roses, in general, are recognized as the best.  The altitude, climate, amount of pure sunlight, and farms practices play a vital role in the overall quality of the rose.  The higher in elevation a rose plant is, the slower it will develop, allowing for a stem to reach full maturity with more time being spent on the plant. The outcome is a thicker stem and heartier more significant bloom. The plants in warmer climates and lower altitudes produce smaller thinner weaker stems. These regions tend to have more insects and pests that have the potential to eat and infect them. The climates in higher altitudes are colder and thus a more sterile environment.  The fewer insecticides and pesticides used allows for a rose to grow to reach its fullest potential.  Roses grown in Higher elevations don’t always mean better quality. Inside each farm, there are certain practices which allow for better nutrition, soil, air, water, and light for each the plants.

When purchasing a rose from Fmifarms, we provide as much information about the item as possible. Every factor is taking into account when we classify a rose. We believe in providing clear transparency and allowing the retail florist to decide what they are buying.


These flowers come from growers with excellent practices and a minimum of an open cutting.


These flowers come from growers with very good practices and a minimum of a medium cutting stage.


These flowers come from growers with good practices with a minimum of a closed cutting stage.

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