Creating with FMI Farms


Here at FMI Farms, we see our selves as the bridge between the best growers worldwide and the retail florist or event planner. Our commitment is to provide the world of flowers through our easy to use, ”Flower Shopping Cart”. We understand our customer beyond a business transaction. Knowing that you are putting your creative ideas into each arrangement. We believe our shopping cart can make those ideas come true.

It has taken us some time to put together our flower marketplace, but it’s here for you. Every farm and flower has been hand-selected, and we are continually working behind the scenes to improve your experience. Our goal is to facilitate and provide the full pallet of flowers that mother nature has to offer.

Select a future shipping date and shop the projected availability in our grower’s inventories worldwide. The world of flowers is at your fingertips. There are endless options for any creative idea. Call our customer service staff for any help with your concepts. We are here to help make those ideas come to life.

”You click, and we ship”!

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