FMI’s Farm Direct Program

We know that the Corona Virus is at the top of everyone’s minds. These times can be worrisome. Here at FMI Farms, we want to facilitate the process of flower ordering. We have put together a Marketplace online where you can anticipate the availability of flowers and prices along with it. Business is still going to continue, and we want to be right there with you for you when it does, guaranteeing freshness and quality!

So, it’s important that your business is aligned with a distributor that understands the market from farm to florist. We believe we are always ahead of the competition and are making the appropriate adjustments in order to keep our customers happy.

Our newest addition to the website is our Farm Direct Program. This program is our best effort in providing relief to the florist for now and months to come. Currently, you can view our farm’s productions and delivered them to your door prices. Your orders get consolidated and sent directly to you from the country of origin. This is very exciting and is now available to you from our website. Click to access the availability and shop farm direct.

How is this going to help the retail florist?

First, the product will be bypassing all obstacles in between farm and florist. This will result in a fresher less expensive product. Inside of every distributor’s warehouse, there is a rotation of inventory and margin being accounted for to cover that business’ overhead. When you are purchasing via our platform in the Farm Direct option, you are paying for a product that has less overhead attached to it.

The retailer has never had in one place the ability of shopping many farm-direct inventories. Our platform is evolving with more and more farms joining to offer you a one-stop-shop for flowers. The world of flowers is digitally at your fingertips.



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