Stop and Smell the Roses with Preston Bailey

We are honored to have been a preferred vendor of Preston Bailey over the years and now are proud to announce our sponsorship of the long awaited and overdue podcast that Preston is launching on January 14th, 2021, “Stop! and Smell the Roses”.  Besides being a legend in the industry himself, he is also an educator, mentor, and inspirer for anyone looking to find their way in the floral world as a either a designer, entrepreneur, or both.

Our favorite experiences and proudest moments have been participating in his floral design workshops.  His last workshop, Pblive, was held in New Jersey in January of 2020.  Fmifarms supplied all of the flowers and Tony was given the opportunity to speak in front of his attendants about some of the interesting things that go on behind the scenes of the farming and distribution side of the flower business. 

There was so much to learn from Preston and all of his speakers, but the most exciting part of the event was watching our flowers converted into works of art.  The flowers tend to arrive to us in their protective, boring farm packaging, but seeing in person Preston’s imagination turn them into sculptures and theatrical environments gave us a new appreciation for what we do.

Now Preston is taking his creative endeavors online through his Podcast.  He will be sharing his focus on personal growth, revealing some of his secrets, tools, and technologies behind his magic, and to top it off, interviewing some of his celebrity clients too.  With each episode, he will take us beyond just a deep dive into design, but also toward a journey into discovering how our floral passions can guide us through our personal and professional growth.