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Our staff is composed of an experienced warehouse staff, quality control, receiving, shipping, and the best customer service in the flower business.Our first goal is to insure you are receiving the highest and freshest flowers possible.

Our second goal is to make sure your experience with us is as pleasurable and simple as possible. Our extremely experienced and efficient staff will work diligently to make sure all your needs and requests are met in a prompt and professional manner. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.








Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality and freshest flowers available in the market. We will go beyond our customer’s expectations to insure that when they resell our product, that they can do so with complete confidence and they will be superior in quality and last longer than their competitors’. We will continue to evolve and learn, and consequently adapt and change anything in order to improve our service. We will not hesitate to listen to our customers’ needs and be flexible so we can make any necessary changes to continuously perfect our services.



Roses are graded by stem length in centimeters. Stem length is normally measured below the head. The longer grade roses will generally have larger heads than the shorter grade of the same variety. Head size should be consistent by variety in each bunch.

Roses are mainly harvested at three different “Cutting Stages” which consequently cater to three different markets.

“Mass Market” or what is almost exclusively sold in supermarkets and or large retail chains, are roses that are traditionally tighter heads. The roses are harvested once the diameter of the bloom, not including the guard petal, has reached between 2.5-3.0 centimeters. This is also known as the aperture.

“Florist Grade” or what is the standard for the majority of the roses sold through the wholesale to florist chain, are allowed to grow a little more. They are harvested between 3.0-3.5 centimeters. This technique produces stronger stems, longer roses, longer vase life, and most importantly larger headed roses.

“Premium or Russian Grade” or what is almost exclusively sold to Russia, and what FMI Farms' mainly buys and sells, are roses that are harvested between 3.5-4.0 centimeters and even sometimes more. This process guarantees the absolute best roses grown in the world.

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Ecuador has a combination of many different factors that all come together in the right way to produce the world’s best roses.

Ecuador is on the Equator and thus does not have seasons. There are periods of rain and drought, but sunlight is consistent year round. This is a great advantage for agriculture.

Growers of roses and other flowers do not have to contend with their products going in and out of season. This allows for the roses to have more sunlight on a consistent basis, allowing the rose to mature to its fullest potential. Adversely, a rose grown with poor sunlight, will have thin, lime green stems and small, very tight heads.  This is typically what you will find from Colombian Growers.

Ecuador is home to the beginning of the Andean Mountain Chain. These Majestic and high altitudes are perfect growing conditions for roses.

There are many volcanic regions that contribute to the fertilization, overall health, and strength of the soil.

The higher the altitude the stronger the sunlight is and photosynthesis is the main benefactor of the rose. There is less of an atmosphere between the sun and the rose. This allows for roses to have more direct and pure sunlight on a yearly basis.

High altitudes also guarantee colder temperatures. This has two major benefits.  The colder the temperature, the more sterile the environment. Insects, bacteria, and diseases have a tougher time surviving in colder climates.  The colder the temperature, the longer it takes for a rose to bloom while it grows. This extends the growing period significantly. It will delay the blooming process while the rose continues to mature and grow in all other of it's facets. If the roses are allowed to fully mature to a cutting stage of 3.5-4.0, they can be twice as large as a rose grown in a warmer climate.




For over nine years, FMI Farms has established a reputation for importing the highest quality products from across the globe, including Ecuador, Costa Rica, South Africa, Holland, New Zealand, and Thailand. Our supply chain has been optimized to deliver the most diverse and exotic mix of fresh cut flowers and roses directly to our clients overnight. As a distributor, our expertise comes from our ability to understand the needs of our clients, and to import the products to satisfy those needs. We are a unique bridge that connects farms from all over the world directly to any retailer in the United States. We pride ourselves on perfecting and mastering this method. We can honestly state that we are the only company offering this service from these many farms and locations from around the world. We are a multinational importer and American Wholesaler guaranteeing our customer the fastest possible way to receive any floral product from all floral growers from around the world.

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