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Prebooking Flowers

The traditional logistical model in the American Floral Industry has been from farm to cargo agency, to importer, trucking company, flower wholesaler, then the retail florist. This system developed in the mid-1970s and evolved to what it is today. In the 1980s Colombian and Ecuadorean farmers realized that flowers of higher quality could be grown […]

Valentine’s Day 2018 update and weather forecast?

FMI Farms Wholesale Flowers Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day 2018 update and weather forecast? Choosing your wholesaler and distribution process directly affects you. In terms of what you can expect this year, we are getting reports of there being a late harvest. At FMI Farms, we want our customers to understand how this could affect you. Logistically, we are working to make […]

10 Tips For Buying Flowers Like a Pro

Buying Flowers

Florists face many challenges. But perhaps the biggest challenge you face as a florist is buying wholesale flowers. The most important part of your business is making sure your coolers are stocked with fresh flowers every day. While keeping your shop stocked with flowers seems simple enough, if you don’t develop a routine, you risk […]