Valentine’s Day 2018 update and weather forecast?

By FMI Farms

Valentine’s Day 2018 update and weather forecast? Choosing your wholesaler and distribution process directly affects you. In terms of what you can expect this year, we are getting reports of there being a late harvest. At FMI Farms, we want our customers to understand how this could affect you. Logistically, we are working to make […] Read More

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Valentines Day 2017 update

By FMI Farms

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we at FMI Farms want our customers to know that we promise to make every effort to communicate with you and keep you up to date on the latest flower wholesale information. We understand how vitally important this holiday is for your business and your bottom line. And we are ready […] Read More

As the Weather Cools Down Wholesale Flowers are Heating Up

By FMI Farms

There is so much to love about flower trends this fall! Fall is all about harvesting crops, carving pumpkins, and watching vibrant crisp leaves float to the ground. With the changing of the seasons, comes a new color palette to play with. Gone are the bright pastels we see in arrangements during the spring and […] Read More

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10 Tips For Buying Flowers Like a Pro

By FMI Farms

Florists face many challenges. But perhaps the biggest challenge you face as a florist is buying wholesale flowers. The most important part of your business is making sure your coolers are stocked with fresh flowers every day. While keeping your shop stocked with flowers seems simple enough, if you don’t develop a routine, you risk […] Read More

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Why We Love Wedding Flowers (And You Should Too)

By FMI Farms

When it comes to fall weddings, lots of brides are looking for expert advice from floral experts. Whereas spring and summer flower trends are available in every engagement guide, bridal expo, and wedding magazine, fall and winter flower advice can be harder to find. The good news is that this is a tremendous opportunity for […] Read More

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Farm to Florist: A Whole New World of Flower Delivery

By FMI Farms

Historically, buying direct for retail florists in the US market has been closed. The import system is complex with many limitations, rules, and excessive costs that serve as barriers to entry. As a major player in the importing of flowers into Miami, FMI Farms is always on the lookout for ways to influence this system […] Read More

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Want to see the most beautiful roses available? See the Ecuadorian difference

By FMI Farms

In Northwestern South America, between Colombia and Peru, lies the small, but beautiful nation of Ecuador. Ecuador is the third largest exporter of fresh-cut flowers in the world, but it is best known for it’s incredible roses. And for good reason: the climate, which is unique to Ecuador, is perfect for producing the biggest, most […] Read More

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7 Ways to Expand Your Business by Tapping the Wedding Flower Market

By FMI Farms

Recently, we discussed how to protect your floristry business from the summer sales slump by marketing bulk wedding flowers. Of course, buying wholesale flowers that are popular for weddings (for instance, roses in a variety of colors, elegant and romantic callas, and exotic orchids) and marketing them to brides looking for wedding flowers online is […] Read More

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Celebrating a decade of quality, consistency, and freshness in the flower wholesale industry

By FMI Farms

For the past 10 years, FMI Farms has been a proud distributor of high-quality, fresh-cut wholesale flowers. We conveniently connect vendors from around the world to retail flower shops throughout the US. And we owe much of our success to our loyal customers. Thank you for putting FMI Farms on the map when it comes […] Read More