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Want to see the most beautiful roses available? See the Ecuadorian difference

By FMI Farms

In Northwestern South America, between Colombia and Peru, lies the small, but beautiful nation of Ecuador. Ecuador is the third largest exporter of fresh-cut flowers in the world, but it is best known for it’s incredible roses. And for good reason: the climate, which is unique to Ecuador, is perfect for producing the biggest, most […] Read More

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7 Ways to Expand Your Business by Tapping the Wedding Flower Market

By FMI Farms

Recently, we discussed how to protect your floristry business from the summer sales slump by marketing bulk wedding flowers. Of course, buying wholesale flowers that are popular for weddings (for instance, roses in a variety of colors, elegant and romantic callas, and exotic orchids) and marketing them to brides looking for wedding flowers online is […] Read More

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Celebrating a decade of quality, consistency, and freshness in the flower wholesale industry

By FMI Farms

For the past 10 years, FMI Farms has been a proud distributor of high-quality, fresh-cut wholesale flowers. We conveniently connect vendors from around the world to retail flower shops throughout the US. And we owe much of our success to our loyal customers. Thank you for putting FMI Farms on the map when it comes […] Read More

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Floral Summer Sales Tips: Diversify with Bulk Wedding Flowers

By FMI Farms

Most businesses are cyclical, but when it comes to the floral market, the peaks and valleys can be especially steep. On the supply side of your business, weather patterns, like la Nina, cut into flower production in South America. While on the demand side, summer vacation time can turn your website and storefront into ghost […] Read More

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The FMI Farms Experience: Anything BUT Status Quo

By FMI Farms

As a florist, one of the toughest problems you face is meeting the need to replenish your inventory consistently and quickly. When a customer enters your shop on a Friday afternoon looking for ranunculus and you don’t have any in stock, she is not going to happily settle for last Monday’s gerbers. That’s why it’s […] Read More

Love and Flowers, The Miracle of

By FMI Farms

As a flower shop owner, you have a unique opportunity to be a part of people’s most emotionally significant life experiences. We give flowers to celebrate the birth of a child, to grieve the loss of a parent, and to commemorate many important events in between. There is nothing quite like the experience of receiving […] Read More

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7 Steps to Care for Your Flowers When Buying Wholesale Direct

By FMI Farms

The idea of purchasing your flowers wholesale directly online can be a little overwhelming at first. There are so many decisions to make and you have no idea what to expect. Where do you even start? And without being able to physically touch and examine the flowers, how can you be sure you are purchasing […] Read More

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Dutch flowers delivered direct on our new Webshop? It’s as easy as Click, Order, and Ship

By FMI Farms

To outsiders, running a floristry business is like living in a romantic comedy. At any moment, two people will serendipitously meet in your shop and fall in love over a bouquet of long-stem roses (cue the dramatic music). And of course, you (looking all fresh-faced and bright-eyed from your full night’s sleep) will design and […] Read More

What you should know before buying wedding flowers online wholesale

By FMI Farms

Weddings in the United States are a hotter commodity than ever before. The average wedding in the U.S. now costs an average of $32,000, and couples spend an upwards of $5,000 – $7,000 on wedding flowers alone. If you can manage to market yourself to couples seeking their dream weddings, that’s a huge potential payoff. […] Read More