Credit & Claims Policy

FMI LLC will review and honor all claims on the condition the customer complies with the following specifications: All quality issues must be reported by phone and followed up in writing with your sales representative within 48 business hours of receiving the flowers.

  • Pictures: If one stem or more of each bunch of flowers received are damaged, you must submit pictures of each damaged stem or stems. In claiming a damaged bunch or bunches, you must submit pictures of each row and/or every stem in the bunch or bunches.
  • Very important note: if multiple stems/bunches are being claimed we need an aerial view of the entire batch showing damage.
  • Every picture must have clear evidence of the damage referenced.
  • FMI will not be liable or responsible for loss, damage, or delay caused by events beyond its control such as forces of nature, natural disasters, etc…

Please examine your flowers carefully upon receiving them. As mentioned above, without timely notice and pictures an adjustment/credit/claim will not be made.